All Enduramark products are formulated as an ethanol based thick paste that should be diluted further with denatured alcohol prior to use.

Enduramark (2:1): Dilute with 2 parts denatured alcohol to 1 part Enduramark paste

Application of the Diluted Suspension:

  1. Clean the surface of the metal so it is free of any lubricants, oils, glues or other residue.
  2. Be sure to mix/shake the Enduramark prior to spraying.
  3. Make sure the metal surface is at room temperature or above prior to spraying. (Optional: Preheating the metal surface with a hair dryer prior to spraying decreases drying time and leads to a better overall coating)
  4. Recommended Delivery Method Based on Volume
    • Low Usage - The low-cost Preval Spayer System which is available for $5.99 here and is a quick, easy solution. A brush can be used but is not recommended due to difficulties in achieving an even coating. If a brush is used, we recommend diluting less than 2 to1.
    • Medium Usage - Even for medium usage, the low-cost Preval Spayer System is preferred for those not willing to make a long-term investment in an airbrush system.
    • Heavy Usage - Master Airbrush Quad-cylinder TC-848 air compressor with tank and a simple PointZero single action siphon-feed airbrush with 0.8mm nozzle. Single and Dual-cylinder versions of the above compressor are also available for those that do not require high flow rates or continuous bulk spraying.
  5. Ensure an even coat is applied when spraying (a thickness of 0.001-0.002" is ideal (a thicker coat will produce lower quality results). Make sure the laser marking spray is completely dry prior to being lasered. A hair dryer can be used to speed the process or even better, pre-heat the surface prior to spraying.