What is the Difference Between Enduramark Silver and Enduramark Diamond Dust?

What on Earth is the Difference Between Enduramark Silver and Enduramark Diamond Dust? 

Enduramark Silver and Enduramark Diamond Dust are both great options for customers and are now available in aerosol spray cans for easy application.  You may wonder how they are different from one another and when you might want to use one over the other.  We address the issue below.


VIDEO LINK: Enduramark Silver vs. Enduramark Diamond Dust on Stainless Steel

Whether you turn to Enduramark Silver or Enduramark Diamond Dust on a particular project depends on what the customer is seeking.  Enduramark Silver has a consistent silver color, while Enduramark Diamond Dust is still silver in color but appears a bit darker and more textured than the silver and has the added feature of sparkling in most lighting.  (It’s difficult to describe either of them perfectly, which is why we have the accompanying video and photo so you can see for yourself.)

If customers are looking for something subtle yet consistent and classy, they may choose the silver.  If they are looking for something with a bit more force or energy to it while still maintaining a sense of class, they may choose the diamond dust.  (Of course, there’s always Enduramark Black as a more standard option.)

You can even do both silver and diamond dust on one item, like we do in the accompanying video and photo, but that is a bit trickier.  Stay tuned for the best way to do it in future a  blog and video!