What Are Enduramark Engravable Plastics?

What are Enduramark Engravable Plastics (EEPs) and What Can I Make With Them?

Enduramark Engravable Plastics (EEPs) are made from two different, colored layers of acrylic, sandwiched together. The engravable side is thin and when engraved with a CO2 laser reveals the color of the thicker layer. 


VIDEO LINK: Enduramark Engravable Plastics

Not only can you achieve a high contrast engraving with a variety of color combinations, the material is also easily cut with a CO2 laser to any shape you desire.
Enduramark Engravable Plastics (EEPs) come in 20 different colors to give a variety of options for any application.
Sheets are also available with adhesive backing already applied, to make hanging of signage super easy.
Settings Recommendation:
In general we recommend running EEPS at 600dpi, 100% speed and approximately 15-20 watts of power delivered to the sheet.

For a detailed determination of settings please see our blog on optimization of settings - Optimization of Settings