What's the shelf life of Enduramark?

Undiluted Enduramark paste has a shelf life of at least 3 years when stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. If all solvent evaporates, fresh denatured alcohol can be added to resuspend the solid residue and the material can be used as normal. Any chunks that may have formed from solvent evaporation can be broken up with a spoon or other appropriate device.  Paste that has been diluted with denatured alcohol, shares the same shelf-life properties as undiluted Enduramark. After prolonged storage, it may be necessary to add some additional denatured alcohol. Enduramark that has been diluted with solvents other than denatured ethanol have not been tested for long-term stability.

Enduramark aerosol cans should be stored in a temperature controlled environment and out of direct sunlight. Cans that are properly stored have a shelf-life of at least one year.